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A receipt is given for taking FD from a bank or company, this receipt is known as Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR). Like when you buy an item from the shop, the shopkeeper gives you a bill in return, the bill contains the information related to that item. Similarly when you take an FD, you are given FDR by the company or bank. This FDR contains all the necessary information related to fixed deposits. Many banks give loans only after pledging the FDR. Read this article to know more similar information about FDR.

What is Fixed Deposit Receipt, What information is contained in the FDR, When is FDR used, What information should be checked in the Fixed Deposit Receipt

What information is contained in the FDR?

In a way, FDR is such a proof, which states that you have opened a fixed deposit with a bank at fixed interest rates for a fixed period. FDR contains every information related to that FD scheme. Let us know what information is given in FDR-

  • Name and age of the depositor
  • FD linked account number
  • Total amount deposited (principal amount)
  • period of deposit
  • Interest Rates Applicable on Deposits
  • Booking date
  • maturity date
  • interest on maturity
  • Nominee
  • Scheme and deposit related information

In this way, we can say that FDR acts like an ownership proof, so keeping it safe becomes very important.

When is FDR used?

The bank can demand FDR for various purposes, which are mentioned below:-

  • During renewal- The bank may ask to deposit FDR while renewing the FD taken offline. A fresh receipt is provided by the bank only after the FD is renewed for a new period.
  • In case of premature withdrawal- If you want to break the FD then for this you have to submit FDR as ownership proof of FD.
  • Loan Against FD – You can take loan against FD when you need money. The interest rates of this type of loan are much lower than that of unsecured loans. The FDR has to be mortgaged with the bank to get the loan. As soon as the loan is repaid, the FDR is returned back to the customer.

What information should be checked in the Fixed Deposit Receipt?

After taking the FDR, you have to check the important information present in it, which are being mentioned below:-

  • Deposit Tenure and Applicable Interest Rates- You should always check the applicable interest rates and deposit tenure carefully while availing FDR or renewing an old fixed deposit.
    This is because the interest rates are changed from time to time without any prior notice, the interest paid during renewal may be different from the previous interest.
  • Maturity and Auto-Renewal Date – The date of maturity is always mentioned on the Fixed Deposit Receipt. If you have taken an FD for a certain purpose like further studies and for a fixed time period, then you must check its maturity date so that you can use the FD amount at the right time. If you do not do this, then you may have to take a loan against the FD or break the FD.
    Also, don’t forget to check the auto-renewal date on the Fixed Deposit Receipt if you have availed the facility of auto-renewal.
  • Penalty and Charges- Some banks charge some fee as a penalty for withdrawing the fixed deposit before the specified time period or maturity. And this fee is mentioned in the FDR.
    However, the penalty for breaking an FD may vary from bank to bank. Therefore, always check the FDR to avoid any kind of problem or confusion.
  • Nomination related information- In case of death of the depositor, the nominee becomes entitled to the entire amount (principal amount + interest) of the FD. So do not forget to check the name of the nominee in the FDR.



In the olden days when the internet was not used much, then FDR was the only ownership proof of FD. This is the reason why special care was taken for its safety during that time. However, currently everything has become digital, now all the information related to a person’s bank account is available online. If you want, you can easily open an FD and link it with your existing account. Online FDRs are given with such FDs, which you can easily access through the bank’s netbanking. However, if you have taken an offline FD scheme, always keep the fixed deposit receipt with you.

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Related FAQs

Is there any way to identify fake Fixed Deposit Receipts?

Answer: Yes, sometimes fake receipts are generated in the name of the depositor. In such a situation, to find out, you can ask for help by visiting the nearest branch of the bank or you can call the customer care team.

How to receive payment in case of lost Fixed Deposit Receipt?

Answer: Banks can generally ask for a written application with the details of fixed deposits. You can also apply for Fixed Deposit through Duplicate Receipt.
Some banks may also ask for certain documents for this. This process may differ from one bank to another. In such a situation, to know the rules related to the bank, visit the nearest branch of the bank or contact the customer care team of the bank.

What is the process to get back the Fixed Deposit Receipt?

Answer: You need to submit a written application to the bank to get a duplicate fixed deposit. Some banks may ask for certain documents for duplicate receipts. However, you can contact the nearest branch of the bank for more details regarding this.

What are the benefits of a fixed deposit?

Answer:- There are many benefits of Fixed Deposit Scheme, some of which are being mentioned below:-
1. flexible duration
2. Guaranteed Returns
3. If the bank defaults, then Rs 5 lakh by a subsidiary of RBI. insurance of
4. Interest payment options (monthly, quarterly (in three months), half-yearly (in 6 months), annually)
5. Nomination facility and Pre-mature withdrawal
6. Senior citizens above 60 years of age will be given an additional interest of 0.25%-0.75%


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