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At the point when you are looking for a Houston Car Accident Attorneys on your cell phone, you will see a few choices for attorneys all through the State of Texas. While concluding which attorney matches your necessities, the principal thing to consider is your freedoms as an auto injury casualty. That is our law office Charles J. Argento and Associates essential concern.

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As your Houston Car Accident Attorneys we will start to lead the pack in talking with the careless driver who caused your fender bender and wounds and their protection transporter, so you never need to stress over being controlled by their agents. We will likewise safeguard your clinical records, so the insurance company just approaches the data that is pertinent to your car accident.

Our Houston Car Accident Attorneys will give the legitimate portrayal you want to seek after an effective monetary result, so you can zero in on getting the clinical consideration you really want to get your life in the groove again.

What Are The Laws Pertaining To Car Crashes In Houston?

Backside mishaps are probably the most well-known kinds of vehicle crashes on our Texas streets. Frequently alluded to as minor collisions, the supposition that will be that the mishap isn’t significant and that the crash has caused just a traffic growl.

Tragically, nothing could be further from reality. In any event, when a careless driver crashes into the vehicle before them at a low pace, the wounds can be serious.

Whiplash, head wounds, and neck and spinal wounds can require extended or deep rooted care that prompts costly hospital expenses, time away from work, and, surprisingly, short or long haul handicaps.

The bigger inquiry becomes, who will pay for these costs? How are you going to recuperate completely, when the mishap was not your shortcoming?

In Texas, there’s an assumption that assuming you get back finished, where a vehicle strikes you from behind, the individual who hit you is to blame for the impact. Actually isn’t correct all of the time.

Prior to Charles J. Argento and Associates can make a strong Houston car crash body of evidence against the individual who caused your wounds, we should have the option to demonstrate a few variables.

They include:

  • That the driver was careless in their activity of a vehicle
  • That their careless caused the mishap
  • That the mishap brought about your wounds
  • That there are harms from those wounds, including clinical costs, lost wages, and property harm.

Texas streets are risky and are reliably positioned among the country’s 20 most traffic-blocked urban communities. At the point when carelessness is added to currently unpredictable traffic designs, individuals are truly harmed thus.

At the point when they are, our Houston Car Accident Attorneys will give an essential way to deal with conveying results for our clients’ interesting requirements, so they can confront their wounds with certainty.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Houston Auto Accidents?

Carelessness exceeds all rational limitations on our Houston streets. At the point when drivers remove their consideration from the street, in any event, briefly, mishaps with wounds can occur without notice.

Probably the most well-known reasons for fender benders in Houston include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Wrong-way driving
  • Failing to obey street signs, signals, and rules of the road
  • Improper lane changes and turns
  • Reckless driving

Careless drivers are not by any means the only reason for fender benders. Item obligation surrenders, as inadequate tires, mechanical issues, defective brakes, breaking down airbags, and disappointments to review failing vehicle parts of any sort can prompt impacts that are beyond everybody’s control. At the point when that occurs, our Houston item responsibility lawyer at Charles J. Argento and Associates can change your physical issue case into a multi-party pursuit for your full monetary recuperation.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Car Accidents In Houston?

Since driver carelessness is, by definition, is the inability to take legitimate consideration while working a vehicle, various sorts of car accidents happen every day on our streets.

They can include:

Single Vehicle Accidents

These accidents can be intense, particularly in the event that you are driven off the street attempting to stay away from a mishap with a careless driver. Tragically, these crashes are normal in Houston, as drivers unlawfully text and drive or use carpool lanes during unapproved times.

Rear-End Crash Accidents

At the point when careless drivers are speeding, closely following, or essentially not focusing, they can slam into the vehicle before them at both low and high paces. These fender benders can prompt extreme wounds, in any event, when the accident site doesn’t reflect awful harm to one or the other vehicle.

HEAD-ON Car Accidents

Head-on auto crashes are typically brought about by somebody crashing into traffic the incorrect way. This commonly happens when individuals make unlawful turns, pursue faster routes down roads that goes only one direction off course, or while steering into approaching cars while diverted.

At the point when two vehicles, trucks, or SUVs impact head-on, the wounds can be decimating and require a long recuperation period that disturbs as long as you can remember, including your capacity to work.

Ride Share & Taxi Crashes

Not all auto crash casualties are drivers. With the prevalence of ride-share transportation, as Uber and Lyft, and the resurgence of cabs that are vieing for their business, an ever increasing number of individuals are setting their confidence in different drivers to get them securely from point A to point B.

At the point when any transportation choice — including rideshare vehicles and taxicabs — brings about a physical issue because of driver carelessness, your freedoms should be shielded all along, so the driver, organization, or protection transporter doesn’t have the chance to control the proof in support of themselves.

Our accomplished Houston Car Accident Attorneys, Charles J. Argento, will give the portrayal you really want to consider all people in question responsible for your full monetary recuperation.

Car Accident Involving A Bus

With regards to public transportation, transport drivers are held to a better quality as they are reliably liable for the security of various individuals who place their confidence in their capacity to securely get them to their objections.

At the point when transports crash into traveler vehicles, the travelers in the vehicle can be genuinely harmed thus. These cases become multi-layered, as the transport driver, travel organization, and the City of Houston can be generally expected to take responsibility for the transport crash.

Our car crash lawyer in Texas at Charles J. Argento and Associates has the experience you really want to attach each party in question to your monetary recuperation pursuit, zeroing in on the ideal result from a consolidated repayment or jury decision.

Car Accidents Involving A Motorcycle

While motorcyclists have next to no insurance during a mishap, which can prompt serious wounds when they slam into a vehicle, traveler vehicle drivers can be similarly harmed when a careless motorcyclist crashes into their vehicle. Try not to expect it is your shortcoming in the event that a bike slams into your vehicle. Permit our attorney to accomplish the leg work to guarantee everything the proof from your accident is safeguarded and recounts the genuine story.

Car Accidents Involving A Semi Truck

It ought to shock no one that when a semi-truck slams into a traveler vehicle, individuals in the more modest vehicle will support more extreme wounds.

Truth be told, 72% of all truck mishap injury casualties are those riding in the other vehicle, as the size of the 18-wheeler overwhelms the much little traveler vehicle.

On the off chance that you are in an impact with a semi-truck, contact our Houston truck Accident Attorneys quickly at (713) 766-4680 after the accident, so we can shield you from the transporter, the shipping organization, and their protection delegates, so together we can seek after the most ideal result that anyone could hope to find for your extraordinary case.

Car Accidents Involving A Drunk Driver

Barely any things are basically as destroying as wounds experienced in an auto collision that includes a savored driver Houston.

In addition to the fact that drunk are driving mishaps preventable, yet the degree of carelessness associated with an inebriated driver choosing to get in the driver’s seat places everybody at serious risk.

In the event that you have been harmed in an accident with an alcoholic driver, we can assist you with considering the careless party liable for their unlawful and foolish way of behaving.

Fatal Crash Accidents

As per the Texas Department of Transportation, there is a deadly mishap on our Texas streets at regular intervals and 21 minutes.

On the off chance that you have lost a friend or family member in an illegitimate demise mishap in Texas, our car collision legal counselor can assist you with holding the careless party who caused your misfortune dependable in common court.

It is essential to realize that you have a long time from the date of your cherished one’s demise to seek after an illegitimate passing case against the careless party. Our Texas car crash lawyer will offer the humane help you want, so you can find opportunity to completely lament while we work on the subtleties of your monetary recuperation.

If Someone Is In A Car Crash, How Do They Know If They Need A Houston Auto Accident Lawyer?

If you are injured, if you are in pain and need to see a doctor, I would recommend that most people see a Houston auto accident lawyer. It is very important because you must remember that insurance companies are one of the largest corporations in America.

They do most of the advertising on TV, you recognize the insurance companies: the “Good hands” people, “Mayhem” “Flo”. They advertise like crazy and they are in the business to make money and not in the business to pay out any money. You need an auto accident attorney who knows how to get to the point, prove your case and get you the maximum amount of money you deserve.

How Does Your Houston Car Accident Attorney Deal With The Insurance Company?

The important thing for people involved in accidents is for them not to deal with the insurance company themselves. The reason for that is the adjustors who work for the insurance company are trained to deny your claims and to give you the least amount of money they have to.

You need a skilled car accident lawyer in Houston who knows the ins and outs of what is required, to prove your case, and how to get you the maximum money you deserve. The best thing to do is tell them that you have a Houston auto accident lawyer from Charles J. Argento & Associates, give them the lawyer’s name and telephone number, and talk no further.

What Type Of Compensation Will Your Car Accident Attorney In Houston Pursue?

Regarding the amount of compensation you can get in a car crash, it is very difficult to come up with a set amount of money. It depends on the damages to the automobile involved in the collision. You need to have significant damage to receive significant money.

Also, you must be hurt and that ranges from all kinds of degrees of being hurt. You have things such as soft tissue injuries which is where your back or your neck or your body hurts, but there is no objective test like an x-ray or an MRI that will say or show that you are hurt. It’s basically saying that you are hurt. Those are the car accident cases they don’t pay very much on.

The Higher Types of Cases Include:

  • Broken bones
  • Back, neck, and head injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Scarring
  • Short or long-term disabilities

The more severe types of injuries bring the maximum amount of recovery options. It is very important to have a skilled Houston car accident lawyer by your side to thoroughly analyze the case and maximize the reward and benefit that you deserve.

How Do I Choose The Right Houston Car Accident Lawyer?

You want an motor vehicle accident lawyer who has been doing business for quite a while. There are a great deal of legal counselors out there who have changed to individual injury or do all broad sorts of cases. You really want a lawyer who has been there previously and knows how to boost your remuneration. I believe I am the best qualified in that space since I fundamentally have been on the opposite side for the initial decade of my training.

I know precisely exact thing they need to deny a case or pay minimal measure of cash conceivable. You really want somebody who comprehends what the insurance agency are searching for, who can say for sure how to demonstrate your case, and who will expand your advantages.

A automobile accident on Texas streets can leave you and your family attempting to recuperate and cover for doctor’s visit expenses, lost compensation, and long haul care. It very well might be particularly hard to manage a clinical and insurance agency indifferent with your singular necessities.

Houston car crash attorney Charles J. Argento has fostered a standing in Texas for individual help and successes for ALL Texas clients looking for a harm settlement in state or government court after a serious fender bender.

How Do Houston, Texas Car Accident Settlements Work?

Auto crash with injury claims is perplexing, which is the reason it is so essential to report each part of the impact and to look for clinical consideration immediately.

Our pursuit of the proper settlement for your personal injuries will include the damages for your:

  • Complete medical care expenses
  • Short or long-term disabilities
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages from your inability to work
  • Miscellaneous expenses paid out of pocket during your recovery

How Long Does An Insurance Company Have To Resolve A Claim?

Our accomplished Houston car accident attorney comprehends that after you have been harmed in a car accident, the mending system can be long and slow. Tragically, insurance companies will do their absolute best to delay, reduce, or even deny your case, making the recuperation interaction as troublesome as could be expected.

Our Houston car accident attorneys speed the recuperation cycle by giving the proof important to seek after the monetary pay you merit for your wounds. Your car crash wounds are remarkable, as is your case, and that implies the time it takes to determine your monetary recuperation will really rely on how we plan your physical issue claim. Our lawyer’s primary objective is to convey results as fast as could be expected, so you can push ahead with your existence with certainty.

How Do I Sue My Insurance Company After A Houston, Texas Car Accident?

To sue your insurance agency after a auto accident, you should enlist an accomplished Houston auto accident attorney who can take the perplexing issue of considering your own insurance agency liable for your monetary recuperation and transform it into a suitable case that produces results.

Our top Houston accident attorney will seek after every road of monetary recuperation workable for your auto collision, in any event, when it implies utilizing your insurance agency to come by the outcomes you merit.

What Is The Average Settlement For A Houston, Texas Car Accident?

Our motor vehicle accident attorney in Houston values looking for a lot settlements for wounds supported in crashes.

While each case may not be valued at million dollars, the recuperation costs you merit can feel like large number of dollars to you and your loved ones. The more our auto accident attorney can recuperate for your sake, the simpler it will be for you to get your life back.

What Do You Do After A Car Accident In Houston, Texas?

As an accomplished auto accident attorney in Houston, we suggest that each and every individual who has been in an auto collision follows a particular convention to seek after the careless driver who caused their fender bender.


  • Call the police. Make certain to get a mishap report from your neighborhood specialists, so we can involve it as proof.
  • In the event that you are capable, record the careless driver’s data, including their driver’s permit, enlistment, and protection data.
  • Take photos of the mishap scene.
  • Record the names and contact data for any observers who say the auto collision.
  • Look for clinical consideration immediately.
  • Contact our Houston auto accident attorney to move began your case immediately.

The sooner our Texas motor vehicle accident attorneys are associated with your crash, the more rapidly we can get proof that will reinforce your case. Our car accident attorney can give the portrayal you really want to deliver results, so you don’t need to confront the insurance agency alone.

Is Texas A No-fault State For Auto Accidents?

No. Texas is definitely not a no-shortcoming protection state. That is the reason it is significant for all drivers and the vehicles harmed because of these collides with employ our automobile accident attorneys to guarantee their privileges are safeguarded all through the recuperation cycle.

Houston’s an extremely huge city, and our vehicle accident attorney realizes that in Texas, we have a similar shortcoming regulation that requires every driver to get a sense of ownership with an accident where they were more 50% to blame.

Our Houston car accident attorney centers around conveying results for your case, so you can hold the careless driver who causes your accident completely answerable for the harms.

Can I Sue An Insurance Company Without Hiring A Houston, Texas Car Accident Lawyer?

The short response is yes. In any case, it isn’t suggested.

Insurance agency center around denying all installments and can broaden the recuperation interaction with their dissents long into the future. As time passes, your capacity to recuperate from the insurance agency decreases, and in any event, when they truly do offer a settlement, it will be a lot of lower than your by and large monetary necessities — leaving you liable for the hospital expenses and generally expenses their proposition doesn’t cover.

Reaching a auto accident lawyer will permit you to zero in on your recuperation while we take on the insurance agency utilizing our broad experience to restore you once more.

How Many Car Accidents Occur In Texas?

Auto crashes happen more much of the time than our occupants could envision.

Truth be told, there is one announced fender bender like clockwork in the State of Texas.

Those crashes account for:

  • One harmed individual like clockwork and four seconds
  • Almost 255,000 all out wounds over a solitary year

In the event that you are harmed in a fender bender, don’t endeavor to take on the insurance agency alone. Our Houston individual injury lawyer will plan your case to deliver results, so you can move the clinical consideration and time away from work you have the right to recuperate completely.

What Are The Best Tips To Remain Safe While Driving In Houston, Texas?

The absolute best method for staying protected while voyaging our Houston streets is to guarantee when you are working a vehicle of any sort that your total consideration is out and about.

One out of five Texas car accidents is brought about by driver interruption. Also, one of the biggest guilty parties is cellphone use in the driver’s seat.

Texas Legislatures passed a statewide prohibition on utilizing a remote specialized gadget while working an motor vehicle.

At the point when you are working an engine vehicle, set your telephone aside, and spotlight on the undertaking of driving, so you can distinguish any risks around you — rather than being the risk.

The following best tip for safe driving is to know the guidelines of the street, including how to appropriately explore our consistently bustling Interstate 45 in Houston.

Driver wellbeing starts with you. At the point when another driver is careless in their activity of a vehicle, we will assist you with considering them liable for their wildness.

What Information Should I Bring To My Initial Consultation With Your Houston Car Accident Lawyer?

Chatting with a talented Houston car crash lawyer will permit you to figure out how the lawful interaction functions while understanding your freedoms, which will permit you to settle on informed choices in regards to your case.

While meeting with our auto accident lawyer during a free introductory conference, bring as much data as possible, so we can survey your case really all along.

Those items can include the:

  • Date of the car accident
  • Area of the accident
  • Case number from the police report and the names of the officials exploring the impact
  • Data with respect to the personality of the careless driver, including their driver’s permit, enrollment, and protection information
  • Photos or video of the harm to your vehicle, the other vehicle, and the accident scene
  • Wounds you supported in a fender bender, and any clinical data and treatment you got in the wake of looking for care
  • Data related with your accident protection strategy
  • Discussions you might have proactively had with protection agents, including any recorded assertion

In the event that you don’t have all the data recorded here, we can furnish you with a diagram of what we really want to push ahead with your case. Your most memorable interview with Charles J. Argento is free. We will work with you to decide the best way to deal with creating results for your exceptional physical issue case, so you can confront your physical and profound recuperation with certainty.


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